Advert Music

This page contains several ‘sound-to-picture’ examples, using a variety of styles of advertising.

Clarks Shoes Advert Music

This is an unreleased song that I wrote with vocalist Didi, called “Groove Me”. The audio has been edited to sound like it is being played at the event in the picture, and sound fx overlaid.

Levis Advert Music

Written in the stereotypical style of 1970’s Martial Arts film music, this music uses beats, rhodes, bass, guitars and strings.

Orange Mobile Phone Advert Music

Strings / Piano / Harp

Caffreys Beer Advert Music

Beats / Bass / Guitars / Rhodes

Rover Car Advert Music

This is a song I wrote called “Survive” which features Tasha on vocals. There are a few key sound effects added to the audio track.