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Artist Song Label
Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl Capitol EMI
Leona Lewis Bleeding Love Sony Records
Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown No Air Jive Records
Celine Dion Taking Chances Sony Records
Backstreet Boys Helpless When She Smiles Jive Records
Sarah Atereth It Doesn’t Take Much Beguille Records
Karen Louise What Would You Do Starfisch Records
Dave Spoon This Machine Toolroom Records
Sara Jorge To Be Loved Purple City Records
Jenna Drey Killin’ Me Audio One Records
Sarah Atereth Fade Away Beguille Records
Sara Jorge Beautiful World Purple City Records
Bananarama Look On The Floor A & G
Kirsty Hawkshaw Reach For Me Nettwerk Records
Sun Ends Of The Earth Underdogs Entertainment
Sun Without Love Virgin Records
Morcheeba Lighten Up Echo/Chrysalis Music
Tears For Fears Closest Thing To Heaven Gut Records
Solasso V Bananarama Really Saying Something A & G


Artist Song Label
Solasso ft. Foster Child Hypnotised Hed Kandi
Solasso V Bananarama Really Saying Something All Around The World
Solasso ft. Kate Smith Whatever Hed Kandi
Lenny Kravitz V Giresse Going This Way White Label
Giresse Survive Firstrun Recordings
Giresse Mon Ami Inferno / Fuel / Warner
Delta Brothers Feel The Vibe POW! Records


Artist Song Label Compilation
Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown No Air Ministry Of Sound The Annual 2009
Solasso featuring Foster Child Hypnotised Hed Kandi Twisted Disco
Solasso featuring Foster Child Hypnotised Hed Kandi Hed Kandi The Mix 50
Solasso featuring Kate Smith Whatever Hed Kandi The Mix: Summer 2004 (including TV advert)
Giresse Mon Ami Ministry Of Sound Clubbers Guide 2001 (including TV advert)
Giresse Mon Ami Ministry Of Sound The Annual Spring 2001
Giresse Mon Ami Universal Music Kiss Clublife 2001 – Miami Edition
Giresse Mon Ami Telstar Best of Euphoric Dance – Breakdown Ibiza
Giresse Mon Ami Worldmaster Recordings Tonic Summer 2001 – Brandon Block & Alex P

Album Tracks

Artist Song Album
Sara Jorge To Be Loved R3mix
Bananarama Really Saying Something Drama


Film Works
Popcorn Score & Licensed Tracks
No Verbal Response Score
Understanding Jane Score & Licensed Tracks
Hard Edge Main Titles

Video Games

Game Name Publisher
You’re In The Movies Codemasters
Battallion Wars 2 Nintendo
Battallion Wars Nintendo
Conflict : Global Terror Eidos
Stolen Hip Interactive
Carve Global Star
Malice Bethesda
Catwoman Electronic Arts
Lego Bionicle Lego
I-Ninja Namco
Harry Potter 2 Electronic Arts
Kung Fu Chaos Microsoft
Harry Potter  Electronic Arts
Alien Resurrection Fox Interactive
Emperors New Groove Disney
Croc 2 Fox Interactive
Red Dog Sega
Buck Bumble Ubisoft
Croc Fox Interactive
FX Fighter Turbo GTE
Vortex Electrobrain
FX Fighter GTE
Alien Odyssey Phillips
Cannon Fodder Virgin Interactive
Creature Shock Virgin Interactive
King Arthur’s World Jaleco  
Wizkid Ocean
Espania Games ’92 Ocean
Aquatics Millenium
The Chaos Engine The Bitmaps Bros
Tornado Digital Integration
Nick Faldo’s Golf Grandslam
Striker Rage Software
Robozone Mirrorsoft   
AD&D: Heroes Of The Lance  U.S.Gold     
Predator 2            Mirrorsoft     
Lemmings             Psygnosis    
Armalyte Thalamus     
Microprose Golf        Microprose   
Slackskin & Flint     Fun Factory
The Godfather         U.S.Gold     
James Pond 2         Millenium     
Knightmare            Mindscape           
Last Ninja 3           System 3      
Anarchy               Psygnosis  
U.N.Squadron          U.S.Gold     
Darkspyre             Electronic Zoo 
Silent Service 2       U.S.Gold      
Quasar               Impressions
The Last Stuntman     C.R.L.         
Soccer Supremo       Impresions