Based in Brentwood, to the North East of London, UK, I have been involved in Video Game and Music Production for many years. The first Game music I wrote was published in 1989, and my first Vinyl record release was in 2000. I have had over 50 Video Games published working as either a Music Composer or Sound Designer, sometimes both.
I have also remixed many songs, including working as a writer for Jason Nevins, creating music for Artists including Katy Perry, Celine Deon and Leona Lewis.

My recording studio has been architecturally designed for perfect monitoring, and uses both near and mid-field monitoring. I have an excellent vocal booth area which creates an ideal ‘dead sound’ and has been used for many vocal recordings and spoken word voice overs.

Although I favour in-the-box mixing, I have a stereo pair of Focusrite Liquid Channels, which use impulse response technology to model Mic Pre-amps and Compressors. My other main outboard gear is a much loved Focusrite Red EQ.

Instruments in the studio include many guitars and basses, plus Roland SH-101, Roland JP-8080, SE-1 Moog, Waldorf XT, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Hohner Clavinet D6 and Rhodes 73 MK1. Microphones include Neumann U87, AKG-C414 and Sure SM57.